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Understanding Restorative Justice

Longmont Community Justice Partnership has joined forces with PenLink's Innovation Team in an effort to understand the effectiveness of their restorative justice program.

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Home addresses of Responsible Persons* referred to LCJP. Locations are approximate.
*The Responsible Person is the person traditionally referred to as an "offender" in the criminal justice system.
*The Harmed Party is the person, group, or entity traditionally referred to as a "victim" in the criminal justice system.

Restorative Justice: Addressing crime across all ages

Over 80% of Responsible Persons age 11-17 successfully* complete reparative contracts

What We Learned:
  • Youth in Middle School and High School (ages 11-17) are equally likely to be successful
  • Adult Responsible Persons are as likely to be successful as youth participants

*Success is defined as a Responsible Person's successful completion of their contract to repair harms.

Restorative Justice: A culturally responsive approach for addressing crime

Culturally responsive restorative justice processes allow all Responsible Persons equal opportunity to be successful, regardless of their ethnicity, culture or background

What We Learned:
  • Success rates are above 80% for all ethnicities
  • The demographic breakdown of LCJP referals is similiar the demographics of Longmont*

*According to the Census 2016 Population Estimates, the largest racial/ethnic groups in Longmont are White (67%), followed by Latinx (26%).

Restorative Justice: A prompt method for serving Harmed Parties

Participants' availability is taken into consideration yet timeliness is maintained when cases are processed

What We Learned:
  • The Restorative Justice Conference occurs within 2 months of the offense date for most cases
  • Success rates are steady (~80%) regardless of time to conference
  • Most contracts are 90 days
  • Success rates are steady (~80%) for most contracts shorter than 6 months

Restorative Justice: A resource for resolving a wide spectrum of crimes

LCJP services Harmed Parties and Responsible Persons involved in a wide range of crimes*

What We Learned:
  • Succes rates are well above 80% for most offenses
  • There is room to improve success rates for harassment and felony theft

*LCJP does not handle cases involving crimes related to, or party dynamics including, intimate partner violence, domestic violence, or sexual violence.